WHAT IS CACAO – cacaobreath


Cacao also known as theobroma cacao, (theobroma translates from greek as the food of the gods) is one of this planet's most; overlooked superfoods, most medicinal and healing foods and is vital to a much needed shift in consciousness. Cacao has a rich spiritual and religious use among the ancient civilizations of central and south america.

Cacao is a plant medicine partner that is helping humanity solve our current planetary/personal issues through facilitating a shift in consciousness that is more heart based. Cacao is a heart opener that supports “heart - brain coherence”, a state in which the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation. This coherent state builds resilience and supports higher cognitive functions. Scientific studies show the heart has an electrical component 60 times greater and an electromagnetic energy field 5000 times greater than the brain. 

Recognizing the natural law of plolarity, cacao has been a part of the world slave trade and is also faciliating a crucial shift in consciousness. While regular folks are less likely to take an ayahuasca or psilocybin journey,  consuming a silky, heart warming cup of ceremonial cacao is much more within reach for those seeking life change. 

Spiritual chocolate, ceremonial grade cacao or medical chocolate is an unprocessed form of cacao that has all the natural compounds, nutrients and chemistry intact. Normally, regular processing of chocolate eliminates nearly 95% of the active ingredients in cacao. These active ingredients, you may find in higher quantity in artisan made/designer cacao bars at local health food stores. 

The chocolate referred to in this site is the kind that has most, if not all, of the natural active ingredients still intact. These active ingredients, of course, vary due to species, geographic location and levels of processing. 

What can spiritual chocolate do for you?  Cacao is one of this planets most over looked plant entheogens. Perhaps this is so because cacao does not take you on a trip like other plant medicines/entheogens, rather, the cacao spirit and active ingredients in it, partner with you. The shaman I studied with put it this way “Do you want a leader or a partner? Someone who will take you on a trip (where you lose the personal empowerment because it was done for you or to you) or a partner who will co-create, co-operate and co-journey with you as an equal where you get the personal empowerment because you didn’t skip any steps, you were taking each step. 

So what do you do with spiritual chocolate or ceremonial grade cacao?  Make it into a hot chocolate drink and in-joy it! The metaphysical/healing/inner-work/transformational-work that I help facilitate is made easier and lighter with the help of cacao.